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Our logo consists of an armoured ancient helmet, its origin is Greek Corinthian around 500Bc, with a few personal touches and adding The Spiral of Life symbol which is of Celtic origin and to the Celts could have four different meanings. I prefer the meaning of  physical, mental and spiritual development of a human life winding its way through the rotating seasons of its years.

Combining the word Celtic and The Spiral of Life on a Greek Corinthian helmet,  is just adjoining my roots in one symbol.

One of our targets is to create the most close to perfect hair procedure and keep our clients more than satisfied with their end results because we have been with the pioneers in the hair industry and we are one of the best.

Another target would be to eliminate those inflated prices in this industry that are created by extravagant clinics, and make the hair procedure affordable to everyone that needs it.


Kim Nicholls Director of the MHR Clinic in Ireland has been in the Hair Transplant Industry for the last 20 years and has been the backbone for the formation of many Hair Transplant Clinics globally.

Ryan Nicholls, son of Kim Nicholls who is English/Irish and Greek descent is the director of Celtic Hair Restoration Clinic with an experience of 10 years in the Hair Transplant Industry.

Celtic Hair Restoration Clinic has been created to be the International representative of MHR Clinic Ireland. We are here to provide wellbeing to anyone with hair loss problems and give hair loss solutions which are guaranteed and without extravagant costs for the Irish and International market.

● Our Doctors & Technicians ●

Our Doctors come from all parts of the European Union, they have also been in the industry from the beginning of the FUE hair transplant technique.

Our highly trained Technicians have an enormous amount of experience as some have been in the industry up to 22 years from the old FUT days and saw the whole evolution up to the FUE days. Others have been 18-15 and10 years respectively and have also worked in other clinics globally.


Whether you have your treatment with us or not make sure you do your research in the treatment you want which hopefully this website can assist you.   

All the best, 

Ryan Nicholls

Director of Celtic Hair Restoration 

Your journey to Hair Restoration starts with a No obligation Consultation whether its online or in our Clinic in Dublin, Ireland.
Our highly qualified team will guide you through the options best suited for each individual Clients hair loss needs.

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